Gift Wrapping Insanity….

Okay, so I was at Publix yesterday checking out  and there was a girl in front of me, she had a bunch of stuff, looked like she was putting a gift together, so I said, this should be interesting, how much is all the “fluff” on the gift going to cost?  She had a gift bag, tissue paper, card, little balloon, I am thinking, how much is she spending?  This must be some gift right.  Do you want to guess how much this stuff cost?  $21.45, she whips out a $50, get’s her change and goes on her merry way.  My frugal little self was shocked and amazed somebody actually spends that much money on the extras.  So I figured I would make some suggestions for those of us that need to put food on the table, gas in the car and still give decent looking gifts.  My suggestion, take a trip to the Dollar General or Dollar Store or whatever you may have in your area.  I always go in and get the 2 for $1 cards, nice cards, I always have Birthday, Wedding and Baby Cards on hand at home, saves on gas for all those extra trips.  Then I get an assortment of bags, all shapes and types.  You can always find decent stuff there, they are $1 but why in the world should you spend that much money on the bag!  Tissue paper is cheap also.  So now what cost $21.45 would have cost probably under $3.  While you are at it, pick up some “emergency gifts” for those occasions that you aren’t that close to someone but need to bring something anyway, especially kids toys, hello, why does every parent feel the need to invite the entire class to their childs birthday.   If you feel committed to going to all of these, this is 20 gifts over the year, at $20 a pop, that could be $400.  Pick up some trucks/cars for boys and dolls for girls and call it a day.   Again, this can go a long way in a short budget.  Better yet, if you want to throw a party for your child, why don’t you have the kids bring supplies for their classrooms and donate it all to the teacher the Monday after your party, that way everybody benefits from the gifts and you are not stuck with another box of toys that will be taking up even more space in your house.

~ by debt2dreams on October 5, 2008.

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