Eating at Home/Grocery Shopping Tips

Some “Eating at Home/Grocery Shopping Tips”:


**Appoint a day to sit down with the family and figure out meals for the week(we recommend Friday evening or Saturday AM, we like this since it helps not to eat out over the weekend when there is food in the house), but do what “fits” for your family.  If you have kids this can get them involved with the meals.  Check out the pantry, Freezer and Frig.  Consult your list of meal ideas(if you don’t have such a list, start one, it helps to jump start the menu list each week, if you don’t have one, shoot us an email, we can send you some meals that we put together that can be easier on the cash register and your time).  Then from there, put your list for the store together.  We have all heard these before, but it can’t hurt to repeat them, don’t go to the store hungry, don’t deviate from the list, use coupons for items that you actually use, don’t spend $4 for something to save 50 cents, etc.

**Now, I was just reading an article that the new trends are starting to go away from prepared/packaged foods.  Having a menu that has input/buy in from the whole family helps to stay on the plan and will actually be more healthy.  If you are buying a soda or snack in the break room every day, just acknowledge that, get it at the grocery store and take a snack to work with you.  This is where Ziploc comes in.  When making kids lunches, not a bad idea to have the kids help either, use bags and containers to put items in.  Sometimes a canned fruit alternative can be convenient, use a container and from one can you can create 4 containers for lunches.  Same with snacks, put in Ziploc bags.  These are great weekend projects with the kids.  Jell-O and pudding is also a fun thing to put in small containers.  Baking a box of brownies or cookies from scratch even can be a great kid/parent experience and you have the “treats” done for the week.  They will tend to eat the lunch that they help create, more so then the prepared lunches at school, and tend to be more healthy and sustaining for them.

**When making meals for the family, make extra, and again use the Ziploc containers to create lunches to take to work with you, or to use later in the week.

**When you have a little wiggle room on the grocery list, pick up some staples, cans of soups, rice, mashed potatoes.  Things that can fill the pantry and help you the next week in your menu items and ideas.  Once you get in the habit, it can be a fun family activity and not a chore.  And the results for your health, wallet and family are priceless!


If you have any money saving tips, email us, we would love to share them.

~ by debt2dreams on October 4, 2008.

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