Money Challenge #2-“What do I do if my spouse is a spender?”

The tools to use on this Challenge would be the Monthly Income and Expenses  worksheet.  This worksheet helps to outline where you spend your money and a good way to put reasonable limits on monthly spending, you both need to agree up front what is a reasonable amount to “spend” on things, that is why it is important for the spouses to sit down TOGETHER and fill out the worksheets and work with the Money Tracker to keep the “spending” in the perimeters that were originally set up.  Now if the “spender” can create more income above their contribution to the family that should be their “extra spending” money unless previously agreed upon that it was going to go towards something specific.  IE overtime or odd jobs that can create additional income.


A lot of people fall into the trap of saying, “I work hard, I deserve that splurge”, but the only person that hurts in the long run is you.  If you can buckle down now, break a few bad spending habits (we all have them), down the road you can do whatever you want to do when you are finacially free.  That is the end result but you have to work on it, to get that point.

~ by debt2dreams on September 28, 2008.

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