Summer/Winter time money saving tips

*For every degree in the summer you can keep your thermostat up you will save 6% on your electric bill.  Same goes in the winter for keeping thermostat down. 

*The use of fans is a great help to make it feel “cooler”, but don’t leave fans on if no one is in the room.  In the winter, reverse the fan direction to bring rising warmer air back down and circulate the air.

*You will see even more if you turn off the AC if you leave the house for more than 4 hours.

*Replace bulbs with swirly’s, that doesn’t mean throw perfectly good bulbs out, only when you need to buy bulbs, get the swirly’s, they do save money, and by doing it in smaller bites it is not as painful at the cash register.

*Look at your TV programming/phone program do you need the package you are in, or can you drop down a level.

*If you have moved into a home in the last 3 years, you may want to check your homeowner’s insurance coverage and taxes.  With property values dropping, it may make sense to look to make sure you are not over-insured and being taxed on value that is no longer there.  It could save hundreds for you.  If you have questions on how to go about this, please give us a call, we have recently helped several families on this point.

~ by debt2dreams on September 18, 2008.

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