A Grocery Receipt Evaluation/Cutting Cost Ideas

Recently I was talking with a client and she was saying she went to a blog where Mom’s were keeping their grocery bills under $100 per week for a family of 5 or 6, she said that was impossible, I said no but it will take some mind set shifting, thinking and some planning.  So she scanned her grocery receipt and I went through the receipt and gave some feedback.  If you would like to do the same and I can put the feedback on the blog, send your receipt to darcey.martin@d2dsolutions.com and I will go through it and see what happens.


Going down list:


Publix shredded, buy bigger quantity and freeze(check per unit pricing to see how much you can save and if it makes sense)

Publix munster—how is this compared to walmart, I buy their provolone slices for sandwiches.  Does this cheese ever go to waste?  If so, don’t buy as often.  I find we did this a lot on deli meats, we would buy a bunch and I ended up tossing half of it.  Buy a little and eat it all up and say now that was good, that goes on the list again next week, but don’t buy 3 of them and end up throwing some away.

Goldfish crackers, buy bigger quantity and break into snack Ziploc bags. ( check per unit pricing to see how much you can save)  Hide away in your extra pantry area that we talked about

Is that tost tor—Chips?  I think you already determined that you can get the cheaper kind and they taste good.

Same with Salsa, if that is a staple in your house, you should be getting the bigger jar, remember to check per unit pricing.  And Salsa goes on BOGO, take advantage.  But not those small jars advertised by the chips go to the Mexican area to find bigger jars.

Egg beaters, going healthy good, how much do you go through?  I think you can freeze that check the label, go bigger if it makes sense split into Ziploc containers.  Also have you tried the cheaper brands, I don’t buy this so I am not familiar.

Decaf tea, does that go on BOGO if so, stock up and put in “extra pantry”, what you would use in 6 weeks at least, check before you go shopping.  Publix here is on a 6 week rotation of BOGO items.

Buy pasta on BOGO, good for you!! same with Sides like liptons noodles and sauce, rice a roni, etc.  This is important to check your pantry and stock up for 6 weeks.  Same with spag sauce but make sure it makes sense, it may be cheaper to buy a larger jar or canned vs the BOGO.  Also a can of tomatoes can make a spag sauce stretch and add flavor.  Again check the pricing.  I got a quantity of canned tomatoes at sam’s so that is what I do, I always have tomatoes on hand.  A trick for tacos, add the canned tomatoes to the meat, stretches meat and you don’t have to buy fresh tomatoes.

Pop tarts, have you tried the cheaper version?  Would that help kick their habit J  Also you should be buying these and hiding when BOGO or sales come, in extra pantry.  How about those being a treat and not having them on hand.  How about jelly toast?  My kids go crazy for butter and jelly on toast.  They don’t even know what pop tarts are…..  Keep in mind, the mormon blogs you speak of living on $100 per week wouldn’t get any packaged foods.  Circle all the items that are packaged.  Believe it or not, the soup you bought, make a pot have for a meal with grilled cheese and freeze containers to take out later.  Mac and cheese, you can now buy jars of cheese sauce BOGO, is that cheaper, than buying the boxed?  Don’t know, something to look into.

Kool-aid jammers?  2 for $5, is it worth it?  It is a convenience thing, can you make a pitcher of kool-aid?

I see you bought deli meats, is that from the deli or the “deli” meat section in the grocer area by the cheese?   And read my comment above….I was  horrible and wasteful in this area.  We have learned to buy 1 package, when it is gone we find something else and put it on the list for the next week.  If you eat a lot of it can you get a bigger quantity and freeze and pull out when you need it.  That is another thing I started to do, if I see we aren’t eating it, I throw it in the freezer and take it out the next week. 

Bananas, do those ever go to waste, if you find they are going over the hill, throw them in the freezer, excellent treat for the kids, or make banana bread or banana pancakes.

Milk, buy 3 and save yourself an extra trip to the store which will be more money, because you will pick up more items and gas.

I didn’t see any frozen veg, those are good to get at sam’s or walmart, 5lb bag, great to have on hand to round off meals.  Usually cheaper than canned.


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