Does the old Whirlpool Duet Pedestals fit the new Duet’s? YES they do, no matter what anyone says.

This is the question I had.  We asked 3 different stores, 2 saying yes they would fit, 1 saying no.  AND Whirlpool themselves said a resounding NO the old pedestals don’t fit the new machines.   Of course they said this, they want to sell you new ones.   To back up a bit, our 12 year old Duet dryer died.  We wanted to replace the dryer, not the washer and use the pedestal.  Logical right?  Wrong, huge run around, second guessing ourselves, researching the silly owner manuals, trying to link diagrams from the old pedestals to the new ones. Well taking a tape measure to the store to see what the difference was, the best plan, we found out some intersting things.  The top of the new dryer over-hangs the back of the new machine by about 2 inches but fits the old pedestal to a T.  The new washers over-hang the new pedestals, hence the old pedestals, by 2 inches.  It is the EXACT same frame for the pedestal, 24X27, the difference was the height.  Ours are 13, the new being 10 or 15.5 high.

So lessons learned, as my dad always says, measure twice, cut once.  Saved ourselves $249 on the dryer pedestal and will eventually do the same when the washer dies.


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~ by debt2dreams on January 9, 2012.

10 Responses to “Does the old Whirlpool Duet Pedestals fit the new Duet’s? YES they do, no matter what anyone says.”

  1. Thank you for this information, was just going to waste money on the new ones!!!

  2. To top it off the store said the delivery guys wouldn’t touch the old pedestals, well I was all prepared to do it myself. The delivery guy waved me away and said it would be faster if he did it. I said, feel free.

  3. I can confirm. I just had a new Duet washer, Model WFW94HEXW2, installed to replace my original Duet washer from 2004, Model GHW9250MT0, and the old pedestal fit the new washer just fine.

  4. I can confirm the older pedestals do indeed fit the newer Duet models! I purchased a new set this week and installed my 9 year old pedestals to the new units without a hitch. As stated above, the delivery guys WILL NOT touch the older pedestals, so be prepared to tackle it yourself! It is easily done, but standing the washer back up is a chore and will take a minimum of two folks to pull it off. Good luck!

  5. Confirmed here too! 10 minutes later 10 year old pedestal looks lovely on brand new duet dryer. thanks!

  6. Thanks for setting up this page!
    Confirmed that Whirlpool duet washer (WFW8640BW) fits on top of an 8-year old pedestal. At first the installers refused to install it but when I told them I won’t accept the delivery until they at least tried it, they did, and it fit perfectly.

  7. Thanks for this page!
    We don’t have pedestals but have a “stack kit”. Anyone know if the old Whirlpool stack kit fits with a new Whirlpool washer and older dryer?

  8. Thanks for this page, it’s been very helpful! I am using the “latest” model Whirlpool Duets – WFW70HEBW and would like to know if anyone is using the XHP1550VW pedestals for them? If so, would you be able to snap a picture and upload or sent it to I’ll upload the picture onto my server where others can view it if they have the same question. Thanks again for your help, guys!

  9. Just wanted to add my two cents… I am not sure of model numbers but I had bought the Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer in November of 2004 with the pedestals. I have just replaced them with new ones (the clerk referred to them as the 88s – i think this is because there is 88 in the model number) this week (May 2014). The pedestals fit perfectly!

  10. Thanks for sharing your info. We just bought a new Duet washer (WFW70HEBW) from LOWEs to replace our 11 year old washer
    (GHW9100LW2) which died. We kept our old 13″ pedestal (LAB2700MQ)
    and the guys from LOWEs had no trouble installing it on our new machine. Like somebody said earlier…there is some overhang but it’s in the back where you can’t see it. Nice!!

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